Study In China
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China officially Peoples Republic of China (PRC) is emerging economic and political power in the world. It has done amazing development in recent decade in its overall aspect of the society. China is most populous country in the world having 1.35 billion populations. As the education is the key for the development of the society, it has been investing huge budget on education sector. Many universities in China are on high global rank, many of the universities are taking place in the high global rank due to its quality education system and focus of the government. As China has done amazing development on short span of time, education has played significant role on it. Many students from around the globe have started to come to study in China. The government of China is also encouraging international students to come to study in China. The government is offering plenty of scholarships to international students. They have also stated to offer the courses in English medium as well. China is most suitable destination for students who want to pursue quality higher education with moderate investment.

Country Profile

Full name:Peoples Republic of China (PRC)
GovernmentSocialist Single Party State
Population:1.35 billion (1st in world)
Largest city:Shanghai
Area:95,96,961 Sq Km
Administration23 Provinces, 5 Autonomous Regions, 4 Direct controlled Municipalities and 2 Special Administrative
Major language:Chinese
Major religion:Buddhism
Currency:Renminbi (RMB) Yuan

Education Cost in China

The universities in China offer the courses in English and Chinese medium. There are plenty of courses offered in English Language as well. Tuition fees ranges from 10,000 RMB per year. There are several government and provincial government scholarship programs. Students who are outstanding on studies may get opportunity for several scholarship opportunities.

Living Cost in China

The cost of living in china varies with the cities and living pattern. The cost starts from RMB 1000 per month. There are student dormitory in each universities. You can even rent room outside to University as well.

Application Requirements

  1. Relevant Academic documents
  2. passport
  3. Health Check up
  4. Completed application forms
  5. Financial Arrangement